My passion for learning new things, understanding how things work and putting things to the test. Have led me to this road. Very young I had the drive to learn and to share that knowledge with any one that is willing to lend ears, eyes and a brain .LOL.

Now combined with my second passion , which is videography . To pick up a camera and just Shoot! I always heard from my Dad. My entire Kid life, I saw him With a camera. He was always eager to show the ins and out of taking a picture. 
It was his passion. A Job that he loved as a professional photographer and one He showed me and my brothers. He was Known and Respected on his day. I still come across people that have had a picture taken by him. maybe a local celebrity in his days. The town photographer. Old Times!

So I guess a new breed of lenses, accompany the family tree. Its hard to sum it all up in a few paragraphs. But This is something I Love To Do!

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