Monday, 21 August 2017

In today's video we are taking a look at a 1080p 8 channel 4 camera surveillance system from Eyedea.

Eyedea surveillance system



Hard Drives

In this video we take apart the dvr to install a hard drive. This particular model has a sata version input cable, making installation a lot easier, because of the one way only installation.

We got great 1080p video from this system and that is a great plus.

Quick User Manual

CMS Login Instruction


Pc Program

Overall Its a good product not only you get crisp 1080p image but you also get this same recorded resolution. The ability to be able to watch your system on the go is a definite plus. The app is called xmeye and can be downloaded on the play store and the apple store.

In today's video we take a look at a Few video shots from the solar eclipse from August 21st 2017 from North Carolina, shot on a smartphone using solar glasses on the lens. We only got 95% totality , But it was totally cool never the less.

We Used the Blu Life One X 2

We got our solar glasses from amazon

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

In today's Video we are taking a look at the VR Bluetooth Mini Controller 4 in 1 GamePad . This is a great device for under $10 dollars. We got this particular model for $6.99 at amazon, here is the link.

VR Bluetooth Mini Controller 4 in 1 GamePad

More Bluetooth Controllers

Games used on the video:

angry birds go
snow strike vr
hardcode vr
wild west vr

In our testing we were able to use this bluetooth in many forms, we tested this device using a pc, laptop, smartphone and a smart tv with out a glitch.

You can use this controller as a media controller, a mouse for your smart device, a gaming game pad , a camera shutter and most importantly in our case a virtual reality controller. We were able to use it as a one button selector or shooter by placing the game pad in key mode and holding the @ button for three seconds to get the mouse.

Once on the game just place the mouse to the side and click the start button. for gaming just place the controller on game mode and play away, and that would be the same for media. But if using for tv or mouse mode then you will want to go to key mode.

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